Digital vs. Traditional Art - An Ongoing Battle of Authenticity.

My name is Aakanksha, and welcome to my world of art. The debate on Hand-painted or Traditional Art being a superior and more authentic art form vs. Digital art is an ongoing topic today.

Being a self-taught artist, I made many mistakes to learn the proper techniques and make the art I envision. Personally, Digital Art was more accessible and cost-effective for me to explore my art form and find my style initially. The most significant advantage was the availability of a wide range of tools that helped me achieve the desired effects in an art piece, such as acrylic/watercolor look and feel textures and brush strokes. I could learn the color theory quite quickly, with infinite possibilities of colors and effects available at the top of my digital pen.

However, my real education in art began when I started exploring and experimenting within the bounds of traditional art. With paintbrushes and pencils in hand, I felt the raw authenticity of conventional art, the texture of the paper, the medium of the paints, and the visceral sensation of creating with my hands.

So, each medium has its allure, and it depends on what you, as an artist, are drawn to. While digital art offers precision, efficiency, and an array of innovative tools, traditional art allows for a tactile connection and an intimate exploration of the artist's soul.

My creative journey is a vibrant exploration of art woven between digital and traditional art. By embracing both mediums, I have unlocked limitless possibilities, finding joy and fulfillment in each stroke, tap, and creation.

I invite you to join me at AK Pattern Studio, where art becomes a language that transcends barriers, and creativity knows no bounds. Explore the magnificent duality of digital and traditional art through the many diverse designs I offer.

August 29, 2023 — Aakanksha Kaushik


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