Elevate your personal creativity and boost your team's innovation through fun and mindful Mandala and Surface Pattern Workshops.
AK Pattern Studio, Sydney

Creating Calm with Mandalas

Join my guided workshops.

AK Pattern Studio, Sydney

Pouring Art into Every Bottle

Join my unique Wine bottle Mandala Class.

Featured Workshops

Wine Bottle Mandala

Discover the art of Wine Bottle Mandalas. Join my class for a unique blend of creativity and skill. Craft mesmerizing designs that make your bottles truly special.

Diwali Diya/Lamp Painting

Illuminate Diwali with my Corporate clay Diya/ lamp Decoration Class! Elevate team celebrations with my hands-on workshop, where creativity meets tradition. Craft unique diyas to make your corporate festivities truly special

Candle Painting Class

Unlock your creative potential with my Mandala Candle Painting class. Embrace a unique journey of skill and self-expression as you craft beautiful, personalized candles.

Mandala Drawing Class

Unlock your creativity! Join my Beginners to Advanced Mandala Class and embark on a mindful journey. Discover the art of intricate patterns and develop your skills with me.

Diwali Tea Light Holder Making Class

Illuminate your Diwali with creativity! Join our Tea Light Holder Making Class for a unique experience. Craft beautiful holders and acquire new skills to brighten your celebrations.


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Mindful Art Classes

Greetings! I'm Aakanksha Kaushik, and I invite you to immerse yourself in the transformative experience of my AK Pattern Studio classes and workshops. Join me to explore the enchanting world of Mandala art and mindfulness, a powerful duo that guides you towards inner calm, creativity, and expanded output. These Sessions are Designed for individuals, small groups, and even corporate teams, offering a holistic journey. Let's embrace the artful path to mindfulness, relaxation, and heightened creativity together. Unveil your potential today – discover AK Pattern Studio's classes for a harmonious life.

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